I would like to thank everyone who bought Barn on Half Moon Hill (even the miserable bastards who left me a negative review for it – I’ve got your money and you ain’t getting it back *twiddles moustache*) Thanks to you, this period the book has raised £15, 253.25 which means that in total (adding in the £8580.64 from the first period) the grand total raised for Claire Throssell so far is £23,853.89.  Every penny goes to Claire, nothing is creamed off.  It’s for her to try and improve the quality of her life.  She tells me that she has always wanted to go and see an opera in Italy – her boys were great music lovers – so I hope she uses some of that money to do exactly that.

The book is still for sale and for as long as it is, every penny will go to Claire.  If you don’t know Claire’s story, I wrote about it here.  It might make you see why I want to raise a few bob for her.

The ebook is only 99p and is 15k words and you can buy it here.  It’s an independent story but there are characters from A Winter Flame in it and a continuation of their story – which will be picked up again in The Christmas Pudding Club coming out next year.  Even if you don’t have a Kindle you could just buy it to donate 99p (obviously I did write it to read.) The iBook link is at the bottom of this page link (ignore the shops – it’s not available in paperback book format as it would be too expensive to produce) too.

Thank you everyone who bought it.  There is no such thing as a ‘little kindness’ and though you might think you’ve just donated only 99p, look at how all those 99ps have added up.

There is no ‘target’ in sight, I just want to raise as much money as I can for a lady who is living my worst nightmare.  Even when my kids are being teenage nightmares, I love them and am so glad I have them.

Lots of love and thanks to all the buyers amongst you.  xxxx