Here’s a bunch of photos which I love of things – and people – that are important to me…

I have yet to perfect the 'posed smile'.
My readers do it beautifully though!
Most borrowed books from UK Libraries
You will forgive me this moment of bragging. But if you don’t, I still will.
My first ever hardbacks are printed …and they are enormous!
Mad Uncle Bernie Clifton, Mad Jack Land-Noble and Mad Milly Johnson on BBC Radio Sheffield.
I'm the sanest out of the three, which speaks volumes!
Every year Jenny and I have our picture taken together at book signings.
Every year my hair is a different colour!
The rarest of all sights..
...Rarer than Halley's comet - the wonderful SJ to my right!
At a 'do'
Laura 'Laura Kemp' Kemp in the middle (she is VERY funny) and my agent Lizzy 'The Krem de la Krem' Kremer who is actually blurred in real life too.
Who is more of an 'internet sensation' that I could ever hope to be!
Bonita Bananas
For the next book I even have themed lip scrubs!
Once Upon a Time...
I used to be a ghost writer for the very first Purple Ronnie cards...
Author Trio
Last year I met a couple of my booky heroes - Jane Fallon & Adele Parks. And it was bloody fabulous!
The Vicar of (sort of) Dibley
What a delight this lady was - a retired vicar with a million stories that I wanted to hear (and steal)