Here’s a bunch of photos which I love of things – and people – that are important to me…

Jilly & Milly
I met Jilly Cooper at the RNA awards this year and she is a PEACH
Girls in Brum
A still from a great evening in Brum with (L-R) Yours Truly, Miranda Dickinson, Debbie Johnson and Cathy Bramley
Meeting Readers in Brum
Had a wonderful day in Waterstones Birmingham meeting lovely readers
At a 'do'
Laura 'Laura Kemp' Kemp in the middle (she is VERY funny) and my agent Lizzy 'The Krem de la Krem' Kremer who is actually blurred in real life too.
The Vicar of (sort of) Dibley
What a delight this lady was - a retired vicar with a million stories that I wanted to hear (and steal)
I have yet to perfect the 'posed smile'. My readers do it beautifully though!
Every year Jenny and I have our picture taken together at book signings.
Every year my hair is a different colour!
Mad Uncle Bernie Clifton, Mad Jack Land-Noble and Mad Milly Johnson on BBC Radio Sheffield.
I'm the sanest out of the three, which speaks volumes!
The rarest of all sights..
...Rarer than Halley's comet - the wonderful SJ to my right!
Who is more of an 'internet sensation' that I could ever hope to be!
The glorious queue for signed books in Tesco
It stretched from one side of the store to the other. Waiting time for a book to be signed... one and a half hours. Gulp!
Rev Richard Coles... swoon!
The Rev Richard Coles was also at the RNA awards and he is LOVELY!
Me Yorkshire Tea Towels
They are for sale on my website and have gone all over the world and are hanging in bars in antipodean houses. Everyone will be talking proper Yorkshire soon!
Mum & Daughter
Here's me and my lovely mum Mother's Day 2018. Yes she is still a natural redhead at 86!
Po & the Fake Toast
Dickie & Me
Vince photobombed Crespo's majestic pose!
One of my lovely readers made me a snood so I could look like Bear!
Autumn Bear
Bear posing in Autumn Leaves... he was a big bugger at 5 months old!