Signed Copies

UK only I’m afraid.  It’s too labour intensive having everything weighed at post offices, in case you’re asking why that is. And please don’t order through social media as I have thousands of people messaging… use the contact form at the bottom.

I can send you a signed book, gift-wrapped for £12.
It includes book, 2nd class postage and packing and novelty miniature bits.

Add another £4 if you want the Yorkshire Dictionary Tea Towel included as well (they are great fun to read!)  I still have some Queen of Wishful Thinking bags for sale for £5 and can do a Queen of Wishful Thinking memory stick for £6.

The basic package of a signed hardback book, with a themed ribbon, signed by sticker, bookmark, postcard and matching complimentary pen posted (2nd class) would be £15.  But you can add to it if you wish…
Add a bag for £5
Add a Yorkshire tea towel for £4
Add a 4gb fully working memory stick for £6

So… for a book and a bag that will be £20.   For a book, bag and tea towel – £24.
… and for everything – a straight £30.

SEPARATELY WITHOUT THE BOOK, I can sell the bags for £8 posted for one, £13 for 2, £18 for 3, £23 for 4 – (if they are all going to the same address.  They have to go by small parcel post.)
The tea towels each will be £5 posted – if that’s all that’s in the parcel.
The memory sticks £8 posted – if that’s all that’s in the parcel

If you are buying a couple of things – then you’ll just pay one lot of postage – so a bag and a memory stick would be £14.

For any other variations or if you are just unsure – email me here.

Place orders here.  I’ll need to know what package you want.  And your name and address and any special message.

You can either make out a cheque to M Johnson and send to

PO BOX 761
S70 9NY

or use Paypal  If you use PayPal it is important to make sure that you send me the name you’ve ordered in if it is different.  I have a load of orders to fulfil and if Mrs P Smith orders using her boyfriend’s paypal account – Dennis Hopper – I can’t tie the orders together.  Please make it easy for me to get your stuff to you.  Big ta!

If you want to buy your own, I can send you a free signed bookplate to stick in with my signature on it (it’s a cheaper way of doing it) and a bookmark.  Just send a first or second class stamp with a sending name and address and any special message (brief please – they’re not big enough for a chapter of words) to the PO Box address above.