The Books

All my books published to date (including exclusive ebooks) can be found below, including the links if you wanted to buy without having to search for them.

Do I need to read the books in any particular order? (click for more)

I’m asked a lot which order people should read my books in. Any you like – they are all written to be standalones except for The Wedding Dress (which is only available as an ebook – NOT a paperback) and best read after White Wedding and A Summer Fling.

And Ladies who Launch (which is also only available as an ebook short story or audio book in the compilation – Petit Four) is both a sequel to Here Come The Boys and features some characters from Afternoon at the Sunflower Café. A couple of minor characters from Here Come The Girls crop up in Here Come The Boys (which is also only available as an ebook and in Petit Four audio – NOT a paperback)

Some characters from the Yorkshire Pudding Club turn up again in Summer Fling. A character from White Wedding turns up again in Winter Flame …and you just might get a wee bit more out of the story if you read Birds and the Bees before It’s Raining Men.

The Barn on Half Moon Hill picks up the story of A Winter Flame and is also a part of The Mother of All Christmases – see below

Sunshine over Wildflower Cottage is a standalone book – but someone from Afternoon Tea at the Sunflower Cafe pops up and you may spot a mention of a couple from Here Come The Girls.

The Queen of Wishful Thinking features one of the cleaners from Afternoon Tea at the Sunflower Cafe.  Also the antiques shop in it is situated next door to the Teashop on the Corner so there is a couple of mentions of it.  Though it is very much a standalone book.

The Perfectly Imperfect Woman features a certain male boss who appears first in The Yorkshire Pudding Club but there is no story continuation.  This book is very much a standalone.

The Mother of All Christmases is a standalone BUT it is also a part sequel to A Winter Flame as it features the further adventures of Jacques and Eve. The Barn on Half Moon Hill story happens within this book so you will definitely benefit from buying that (it’s 99p and all the money goes to charity – see above).  The Mother of All Christmases also features characters and mentions from the following books:  Here Come the Girls, A Summer Fling, Sunshine Over Wildflower Cottage, White Wedding, The Teashop on the Corner, Afternoon Tea at the Sunflower Cafe, The Queen of Wishful Thinking AND The Yorkshire Pudding Club. 

The Magnificent Mrs Mayhew is a standalone book but it does give a sneaky mention to a certain village called Ren Dullem.

Characters cross over books all the time though and turn up as cameos but you might find this helps in choosing.