The Barn on Half Moon Hill cover

Exclusive ebook to raise funds for the Care for Claire campaign.

The Barn on Half Moon Hill

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An exclusive ebook short story written for Claire Throssell whose children were murdered by their father.  Claire is changing laws to make sure it never happens to another family.  This is why I wrote this story. And Claire receives all the profits from this book – I don’t get a penny!  You don’t even need to need it – it’s just an easy way of being able to contribute.

If the book opens on Chapter 1, please flick backwards as there is a foreword and letters.

Cariad Williams has been writing to Franco Mezzaluna since they were kids. But he has never written back. And now he has become a famous film star. What’s more, he is due to visit Winterworld, the Christmas theme park where Cariad works.

The only problem is that she has boasted to her friends that he is her boyfriend and now everyone will find out about her lie…

This story will be picked up in The Mother of All Christmases!