What a joy it was reading all your entries for the competition to give me the first line of the novel you’d write.  There were so many good ones, but Deborah Snowden’s just shone that little bit brighter in my shortlist.  But I thought you’d like to see Deborah’s and the other ‘oh-so-nearly’.  They were all, without exception, smashing.  But these made me want to read on that tiny bit more.

From: Deborah Snowden
Haven’t you ever wondered about that parallel life -the one that goes on whilst you try to deal with the everyday ups & downs without losing your sanity – the one that I can show you – & give you the chance to choose?

So congrats, Deborah – and hope you like the others too!


From: Caroline Praed

It was a breathtaking kiss, but for a moment – understandably – she couldn’t remember who he was or whose body she was inhabiting this time.


From: Denise McDowell

Rosie switched on the lights in the school office for the 9,451st time…


From: Melanie Beynon
The smell of fear was not the scent I had intended to wear this evening.


From: Karen Turner
Sitting in the middle of Debenhams on a pre-Christmas Saturday, no make-up, hair scraped back Worzel Gummidge style and in the grips of a menopausal flush direct from hells kitchen is not the way I pictured meeting Simons mistress.


From: Annette Hannah
Being a conniving bitch came easy to Mandy Whitaker.