I am doing Atkins, which is a bugger when you have a birthday.  So… our friends at Sponge thought that YOU might be able to eat my cake for me.

Sponge is a fantastic site – the cakes are MASSIVE and squidgy and creamy… and delivered fresh as a fresh big squidgy cake to your door.  And some lucky sod is going to be scoffing mine for me whilst I am eating lettuce. A SALTED CARAMEL AND TOFFEE SPONGE.  I am crying writing the words ‘giving away my cake’.   This 7″ beauty’s ‘Plenty of Squidge’ dating profile reads…

Smoothed over with salted caramel butter icing
Toffee Sponge
Filled with salted caramel butter icing & caramel fudge pieces
Topped with caramel fudge pieces.

The minx!

I have bought cakes for friends and family on Sponge (check out the cake cards) and I’ve bought a cake for myself – just to sample it (I would not recommend inferior goods.  I had to double check and order another because I wasn’t sure… you know what I’m saying).  Who would not want a cake delivered to their door?  Especially one of these monsters. They are absolutely gorgeous and arrive so beautifully presented… you’ll want to eat the box as well!  Why not get one for your mum.  Then go visit her… and hope she offers to share it.

And have a look at the Mother’s Day page on the Sponge website  (where you might find the answer to this question… eventually.  I bet you have to look at all the pictures of all the flavours first.)

All you have to do to get your name in the draw is answer this simple question:

‘What colour are the flowers that come in the tea-light holder in the Mother’s Day Pamper Hamper?’  

Send your answer to www.millyjohnson.co.uk/contact and put CAKE on the subject line.  For obvious reasons, this is a UK only competition.  The comp will end on Sunday 26th Feb at midnight and the lucky winner will be scoffing it next week (I expect a full report).  Winner will be announced on here on Monday 27th.

Good luck!

It oozes toffee and birthdayness and I WANT IT SO BADLYt!!!