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Welcome to my website folks. Please feel free to poke around.

I have newsappearance dateshow to request signed bookplates, info about the books I’ve written, links to articles I’ve written and more.

There’s even interactive maps of the village of Wychwell and the Yorkshire Coast.  And do call back often as I often hold competitions and pass on any book bargains I find.

If you want to know a little more about what I write, please check on the book page. At the top of every individual book page are the links which will take you straight to Waterstones, Amazon, Independent bookshops etc.

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My new novel, The Woman in the Middle, is out now in hardback, audio, eBook, and paperback. And book 20 is coming out on September 29th and is called Together, Again!  Enjoy having a poke around!

Lots of love
Milly x

What people are saying about The Woman in the Middle

“An unputdownable tale of redemption and hard-won wisdom, this is a book that speaks for us all wherever we are in our lives.  Milly Johnson always delivers an absolutely cracking read'”
– Katie Fforde

‘The main characters are wise, loveable and so relatable. The humour is down to earth, the emotions are real and the storyline compelling. No one else writes quite like Milly and, with The Woman in the Middle, she has produced yet another winner.’
– Jill Mansell

“Written from the heart … honest, inspirational and great fun … I loved it’.”
– Janie Millman

“This book is delicious. As moreish as a freshly made sandwich, full of your favourite filling. It’s well worth the wait and joyous to bite into.”
–  Jo Thomas

“Immensely relatable, tender and wise; Milly’s magic sparkles from every page.”
– Cathy Bramley.

“A complex family drama with a big heart, a light touch and lots of surprises.”
– Veronica Henry

“The perfect pick-me-up that you won’t be able to put down. I loved it.
– Matt Dunn”


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Writing Tips

From ideas to the business side of things.


International news and examples of the sometimes surprisingly different covers.


It’s not all me-me-me: many of these are charity events.

A sense of place…

Normally reserved for sword and sorcery epics, the occasional map can be useful and fun. I’ve got my web pixie to design two such occasionals…

God’s Own County’s Coast

An interactive guide to the seaside towns of Yorkshire and their history. 

Wychwell Interactive Map

Keep track of the goings-on at Wychwell, the village featured in The Perfectly Imperfect Woman.