YES – all weekend the ebook of A Cat-Shaped Space is at the cut price of 99p in the hope that we can sell loads of them and get some revenue in for the charity it will benefit Yorkshire Cat Rescue.

This book has a load of poetry and fabulously funny illustrations and the subjects aren’t all cats… there are poems about the Menopause, kids, mums, divorce, internet dating, even sexy snowmen. And cats – obvs. You can buy the physical book from this website (it’s a lovely book, proper nice paper) but it’s National Poetry Day on October 1st and we all need a cheer up. You can read all about it here – and there is the link to buy from Amazon on the page.

It’s also on – so if you have any Americans who you know, tell em to grab the bargain and fill the charity coffers up too. This is a rock-bottom price and I hope you all enjoy it. And if you do… please write me a nice review on Amazon – it will really help sales.