“There had been a cat-shaped space in my heart; but it is now filled up with Milly’s enchanting poems. Buy this book. It purrs.”
– Joanna Lumley, actress, goddess

A Cat-Shaped Space cover

“A PURRFECT poetic understanding of our wonderful feline friends and their amazing understanding of us humans and all for such a worthy charity too.”
– Rick Wakeman, musician, rock god


An illustration for “God’s Language”, one of my new poems.

A Cat-Shaped Space (2019)

A Cat-Shaped Space characters

104 pages, colour cover and illustrated in black and white throughout. You can order them signed from me here. 

KINDLE EDITION NOW AVAILABLE! You can buy the Kindle edition by clicking here. You can also buy the paperback online from Amazon.

A much-requested collection of poetry, illustrated throughout.
All profits will go to Yorkshire Cat Rescue.

I have always loved poetry, reading it and writing it, but really just for my own pleasure.  Then I wrote poems on greetings cards, which was my bread-winning job for many years, then I began to perform some pieces. It never crossed my mind to compile them until I was at a gig at the Lamproom theatre and someone asked me where they could get hold of my poems and did I have a book of them? I didn’t, but it made me think that I could have a book of them and maybe sell it for charity.  I’d been looking for a way to make some serious money for Yorkshire Cat Rescue (website yorkshirecatrescue.org), my affiliated charity – this was an ideal solution!

My website guy Stu is also an illustrator and jumped on board to add his expertise. We didn’t want a cheap pamphlet, we wanted something that would sit well on a bookshelf and/or you could give as a present and raise a titter. If you order it directly from me it will be signed and dedicated as you wish.


So welcome to ‘A Cat-Shaped Space’ and so many great and good people have taken the time to read it and supply a quote. It’s been a lovely project to work on, daft and joyous and I never expected it to be endorsed by the likes of Jane Fallon, Ricky Gervais, Rick Wakeman, Sir Michael Parkinson, Joanna Lumley and my pals the Hairy Bikers – and more – but it has been. For the cats.  Every single penny of profit will go to the charity, I can assure you of that.

Click here to buy a signed paperback copy.
(If you prefer a Kindle edition, you can buy that here.)

So read, enjoy and thank you – from myself and Yorkshire Cat Rescue.  And here’s hoping many of you are moved to think ‘There’s a Cat-Shaped Space on my lap, I think I’ll adopt a moggy’. Especially the old cats, who are an absolutely joy. Best thing I ever did adopt an old lad. We had two wonderful years with him. You see… a home without a cat is just a house.

Lots of love

Milly xx


Praise for A Cat-Shaped Space

“You must buy this brilliant book, it’s for a great cause but like anything Milly Johnson writes it’s fantastically funny but also sometimes warm enough to melt your heart.”
– Dave & Si aka The Hairy Bikers

“Fabulous, funny poems and benefitting cats, what more could you want? Milly has brilliant, hilarious insight into all our many neuroses and quirks.”
– Jane Fallon, novelist

“Good, funny, subversive stuff – altogether to my taste – well done.”
– Sir Michael Parkinson, author, journalist, broadcaster, national treasure

“A selection of funny and heart-warming poems with real CAT-itude. Be forewarned: you will laugh out loud!”
– Samantha Giles, actress