The Yorkshire Society asked me to pen a poem for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee – so I did. It took me a while to find an angle to be honest and then, as ideas do, I heard the word ‘limousine’ and I thought ‘Ooh that rhymes with Queen’ and blow me then, it was like a key opening a door and all these lines started flinging themselves at me. Gave it to the Yorkshire Society who thought it needed a bit more Yorkshire in it. So back to the drawing board and I’m glad actually – always nice to get some Yorkshire Tea in there. But I’m rather pleased with the way it turned out and it’s a piece to be performed, so I had to buy a bloody crown from Amazon because the head of the Yorkshire Society thought I should ‘glitter up’.
SO… here is ‘A Job Well Done’. I didn’t do a sucky up formal tribute, just a simple little very Yorkshire poem about what I personally think about her Maj. Hope you like it. 👸

And here it is written down.