Upcoming Appearances

Please keep your eyes on this page as dates and times may change.  

My new book will be available to buy (and I’ll sign it) at all of these events.

On Thursday 29th April at 6.30pm I will be interviewing my very good, talented and lovely friend Tracy Bloom on the occasion of her new book launch – The Wife who Got a Life (available from Linghams if you press the link – support the Indes!) You’ll be able to ask Tracy questions as well as me so do have them ready. The event is free but you’ll have to book here! I have read the book and it’s a laugh out loud hoot in places – but it will also punch you in the gut. I’ve been a big fan of hers since her first book and am looking forward to this event so much. 

On Friday 16th July in the evening (details to be confirmed) Myself and my very good and uber-talented friend Mr Jack Land-Noble will be doing a soiree of music and poetry at the Lamproom Theatre in Barnsley on behalf of the Friends of the Lamproom and Yorkshire Cat Rescue. I cannot wait to have this on the schedule. A touch of normality – if you can call it that, of course. Do join us for an evening as merry as we can make it.

On Wednesday 15th December in the afternoon (details to be confirmed) at Shaw Lane Rugby Club, Barnsley,  I will be holding a Christmas Afternoon Tea which will not be for the gentile. There may be rude poetry and ribald humour, but I reckon we are all ready for a laugh. Books will be available to buy for Christmas presents and we’ll have a proper lovely time!