Press/Web Articles and Interviews

Here are some links to things I’ve written which I hope you’ll find interesting or/and useful. 

Monkey Business with Rosalyn

I was interviewed by the wonderful podcaster Rosalyn Palmer at the Boston Book Festival and enjoyed it so much that I agreed to do one of her Monkey Business podcasts with her … and this is the result. Do check out her other podcasts which are absolutely fascinating! 

Yorkshire Life

I had a great interviewer and photographer for this article. Even my summer house looks like a proper feature.  I love going in there – it’s my den!

Winning the RNAs Outstanding Achievement Award – Frost Magazine
“It was one of those ‘pinch-yourself’ moments: how was it that me, a northern bird with no industry connections, who always wanted to be an author but never really thought it would be possible, was getting this accolade?” 

Books and the City
The Books and the City website (run by my publisher, Simon & Schuster) has some fab interviews, giveaways, amazing comps – join their mailing list so you don’t miss out! I also write occasional articles for them, some of which I’ve included below. Don’t expect anything highbrow!

Why (and how) I write Romantic Comedy
For the Writers and Artists Yearbook

Motherhood Made Me!
For Female First

A Change is Coming
A short story for My Weekly

Five Books about Mothers!
Article for The Big Issue

Why I wrote The Mother of All Christmases
Article for Books and the City

Why Libraries are Vital
For Writers Online