Okay, so the title wasn’t the best but sometimes being a number 2 is just about as good as it gets. I cannot tell you the deep joy I felt to hear that I Wish it Could be Christmas Every Day reached number 2 in the Sunday Times bestseller charts this week – with only Richard Osman above me. And seeing as he’s been blocking up the top slots for about a year, this is as good as it gets. I am made up. So, I’m milking it. Because the industry is the most middle-class snobbery-filled business you can get. The trade mag didn’t mention this northern oik upstart who dared to outsell the literary/crime people this week because it would have upset the world order. Us writers of popular fiction should be carrying bells and shouting ‘Unclean’ ahead of ourselves, so think some. But guess what, these massive sales prop up the industry and we are proud of them. So here you go – top of the world, ma. I’m number two and it ain’t poo!