The Happiest Ever After is out on 15th Feb. Yes it’ll be out in hardback, audio, ebook format and there are signings if you can get to them here. But if you preorder a book – you’ll get some extra content immediately delivered to your email  – see below for details. And do check out my news page article about getting a bookmark and signed book plate just in case you can’t get to a signing. It makes a book extra special, just in case you wanted one for … Mother’s Day, perhaps. 

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So… what’s it about?  It’s about Polly. Lovely Polly Potter who is having a bit of a rough time. At work, where she is a very talented business analyst, all her best ideas are harvested and passed off as someone else’s. At home she’s taken for granted and can’t get over the affair her partner Chris had last year, so she’s going to leave him. The only place Polly is truly content is at her Monday evening writing classes where she is writing a novel loosely based on her own life featuring a character called Sabrina Anderson who, like Polly, has had enough of what life is throwing at her and is planning changes.
Polly’s plans are slightly held up by Chris’s sister’s vow renewal because she has insisted that Polly be her bridesmaid. But the morning after she’s done her duty, Polly will be leaving and on the way to a new single life.
But things don’t quite turn out as neatly as that and after an unfortunate set of events, Polly ends up in a seaside hospital with no clue to her identity other than the few facts she can remember about herself: that she’s running away from something awful, that she’s a business analyst… and her name is Sabrina Anderson.
When nothing the doctors do seems to be helping, Polly is persuaded by a kind hospital visitor, and ex-nurse Marielle, who has helped someone before retrieve their memory to move in with her. Polly ends up working in an Italian restaurant owned by Marielle’s son Teddy who isn’t convinced this woman with amnesia is genuine but at least he can suss her out if she’s under his eye. Teddy’s restaurant is at threat of closure because a rival restaurant is moving in next door. But is he really going to listen to business advice from the woman who is cleaning his toilets?
As ‘Sabrina’ starts to piece together who she is, can she ever return to being Polly Potter? And what are her choices when the person she thinks she is doesn’t really exist?

Hope you enjoy!

ps: You might see a character from a previous book… think ‘psychic’. And the Daily Trumpet has a very important role to play in this book, so expect plenty of that.  Also my agent thinks this is the best thing I’ve ever written.

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