At last I can start advertising the Christmas parcels! UK only, I’m afraid – and they’ll go out as I get the orders in (present waiting time 2 weeks). They take quite a while to box up and some of the extras have had to be specially made so this is as low as I can get the prices, but I think you’ll be happy with them. They’ll be blue and sparkly and as bright and fun as I can make them.

I’ll keep sending these out but there will come a time when I can’t guarantee they’ll arrive in time for Christmas so get in your orders asap.

OPTION ONE: A signed hardback with bookmark and twiddly bits, themed ribbon for £22.00 including postage.

OPTION TWO: A luxury parcel which contains the hardback book, jokes, mince pie scented silk rose petals, a sprinkle of chocs and a mystery extra… for £30.00 including postage.

You can also add in
A Winter Flame/Magnificent Mrs Mayhew/My One True North paperback for £5 extra
‘A Cat-Shaped Space’ book of poetry for £7 extra

So in the first instance, if you want a parcel, please send me an email HERE telling me if you want ie OPTION 1, or OPTION 2 WITH OR WITHOUT ANY EXTRA BOOKS.