In book 21 – the DAILY TRUMPET IS BACK… and here is your chance to have your name (or a friend’s name) featured in one of the famous misprints which will be printed next year. It will be at my discretion which article I will pair the name to, but I will show you before we go to print. Maybe you’d like to gift this to someone for Mother’s Day in which case I will send it in a gift card for you. I haven’t used an auction site as they’ll take a chunk and holding an auction myself has been a bit labour intensive – so I’m simplifying it because of time constraints. All profits – every penny – raised will go to Yorkshire Cat Rescue. 

If  you can offer me £200 or a near offer to that, for a mention  I would be delighted to take that from you for the charity. In return you will receive your choice of name in my book so you can show off to all your friends. Time is tight – I need to get these names quite quickly now so if you are interested – contact me here

I transfer monies received immediately and these are receipted by myself and the charity – for clarity. Thank you from us both.