My friends at Ice have some lovely stationery and if you are anything like me you blinking love the stuff.  Here’s a flash competition in the run up to the book launch of The Mother of All Christmases to celebrate.  You can win a lovely lined gold notepad and a Christmas bauble pen, filled with confetti.

All you have to do is answer this simple question – which you will find on the Ice site.

In what year was the company founded?

Send your answer here and put ICE in the subject line.

Competition ends midnight Saturday 27th October AND IS A WORLDWIDE COMPETITION.  Winner will be notified directly.  If you do win, please send me a pic of yourself with your prize – it helps people know I run fair competitions.  Which I do.  And talking of which – if you aren’t signed up to my newsletter and read my books, then you should because I have some smashing competitions coming up and discount codes.  But if you aren’t a fan – don’t clog up your mailbox, I understand  xx