Milly ‘n’ Miles Away

Believe it or not, I’m sold all over the world and I’m always being asked when my books will be published overseas etc so I thought it might be handy for anyone who is interested to see what my covers look like abroad, where I sell, what the release dates are and share some lovely pics and info.

Very exciting news as my books will be promoted in the US next year.


Milly Johnson and international flags etc

Transatlantic Mrs Mayhew

Mrs Mayhew is going across the pond to be published in eBook format for the American market.  I think we are looking at a release date on July 29th.  I'm really excited about this.  We have all worked hard to retain the Britishness of the story while...

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Norwegian Perfect Queens

Just to show you the lovely Queen of Wishful Thinking is out in Norway - it's so lovely (and expensive!)  Always such a thrill to see what foreign publishers do with covers etc and I LOVE this one.   AND it's hot on the heels of my Imperfectly Imperfect Woman complete...

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French Sunflowers!

French Sunflowers! Very excited to announce that I have my first book out in France! ‘Refuge of the Blessed Hearts' . This is the French version of Afternoon Tea at the Sunflower Cafe and was out September 5th 2018.

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