Milly’s MOAN-opause

Sometimes, you just need a good moan to let the air out of the balloon, let off steam.

This is my place for doing exactly that because not only am I only human but I am a menopausal human.

It’s my therapy. Keeps my blood pressure down.

I can’t remember things, the slightest thing makes me blow up – very frustrating – so I might as well vent in a way that, I hope, you’ll find entertaining.

Milly Johnson looking a bit disgrintled

Sleep Peacefully – Fat Chance!

So I went to the doctors for some tablets to help me sleep.  Hello menopause, bye bye sleep.  Not a decision I took lightly - but going to bed has become an ordeal and sleep deprivation and the menopause are turning me into a wild animal.  And though wine helps......

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Stop Fannying About!

If you want to write a book, just bloody write one.  Stop procrastinating.  We all know if you are waiting until you have time/inspiration/retire, you're scared to do it.  Scared that the book curled up inside you, that magnum opus that is going to set the world...

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Bad Reviews

Reviews can be painful.  One should not engage with a reviewer but sometimes you are DESPERATE TO.  So these are some of my favourite horrors…

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