Signed Copies

Happy to supply signed and wrapped up paperbacks (subject to availability – see below!) though if you want a Cat-Shaped Space, you can buy the ebook from Amazon or a paperback copy from here.

A Cat-Shaped Space Cover

A Cat-Shaped Space

All the profits from this book, whether you buy it as an ebook or a paperback go to Yorkshire Cat Rescue


At the moment I just have A Winter Flame, My One True North, The Magnificent Mrs Mayhew for sale.

These are all £15 including postage and packing (UK only).

Free Bookplates

I can send you a free signed bookplate to stick in with my signature on it and a bookmark. Just send a 22cm minimum length, stamped addressed envelope (2nd class is fine) and any BRIEF message you’d like on the bookplate to the address below:
Milly Johnson
PO BOX 761
S70 9NY


There are no new hardbacks out until October this year.  


How to Order

Unfortunately, with the exception of A Cat-Shaped Space, which can be ordered directly from hereI don’t have all of my titles in stock all of the time. If you’d like a signed book, please write to me first using this form and I’ll tell you if what you want is available. If it is, I’ll send a reply which will include a link to a special page on my site with detailed  ordering information and payment details.  


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