Signed Copies

I can send out signed books – or free bookplates to stick in (see below – the cheapest way of getting my signature on a book!).  

I can only send my novels out to UK addresses.

Unfortunately, hardback copies of any of my books are not currently available.

A Cat-Shaped Space can be ordered directly from here.
The special Christmas Cat-Shaped Space Package can be ordered here.

A Cat-Shaped Space Cover

A Cat-Shaped Space

A Cat-Shaped Space is only currently only available from this website. To order a signed copy please go here.

A Cat-Shaped Space Christmas Package

A special Cat-Shaped Space Christmas Package is also available. It includes a signed copy, tea towel, jute bag, “Marvellous” pen, scented rose petals and more. You can also add one of my season novels as well.
Click here to order.

Milly Johnson Bookplate


I can send you a signed book, gift-wrapped for £15. It includes book and bookmark, 2nd class postage and packing.
Read how to order below >

Free Bookplates

I can send you a free signed bookplate to stick in with my signature on it and a bookmark. Just send a 22cm minimum length, stamped addressed envelope (2nd class is fine) and any BRIEF message you’d like on the bookplate to the address below:
Milly Johnson
PO BOX 761
S70 9NY

Milly Johnson Bookplate


Unfortunately hardbacks of ANY of my books are not available at the moment – even to me. They are very limited in supply and are generally only available for a few weeks after the initial publication. So if you’d like a signed hardback of the next book, please bookmark this page, keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter and come back as soon as it’s published – you’re almost certain to be able to get one then!

How to Order

Unfortunately, with the exception of A Cat-Shaped Space, which can be ordered directly from hereI don’t have all of my titles in stock all of the time. If you’d like a signed book, please write to me first using this form and I’ll tell you if what you want is available. If it is, I’ll send a reply which will include a link to a special page on my site with detailed  ordering information and payment details.

(You can ask for up to 3 books per order form, subject to availability.)

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