If you want to write a book, just bloody write one.  Stop procrastinating.  We all know if you are waiting until you have time/inspiration/retire, you’re scared to do it.  Scared that the book curled up inside you, that magnum opus that is going to set the world alight, just might not be as great as you envisage if you transfer it to paper. The fear is holding you back.  Well, guess what, it MIGHT just set the world on fire.  It might be quite good. But you’ll never know if it sits inside you for ever, will you?  You’ll never have the thrill of having a book ‘out there’.  And it is the BEST thrill.

Writing a book is really hard work.  Not the thing to do when you retire from being a brain surgeon, because writers want to be brain surgeons when they retire for the rest!

And please don’t ever moan that only celebs get books printed these days.  That no one has discovered your genius because you’ve had 2 rejection letters.  Because you need to pay the mortgage and that’s why you haven’t written the book yet.  Doesn’t wash with me, love.  I had 2 kids under 15 months old, a husband that had buggered off, I was holding down a day job and a part time job BUT when I got the sliver of some interest from an agent, I wrote for hours during the night propped up by coffee and Walkers Shortbread. And my mortgage needed paying too.  You have to want it very hard and you have to go for it.  The author of Eleanor Oliphant wasn’t a celeb and look what happened to her story.

Save the energy you’d use for moaning that no one has discovered your genius for writing and pushing and taking no for an answer.

Here endeth the lesson.