I am absolutely delighted that my Christmas Book went into the Sunday Times Best Seller charts at number 8 after just three days. That’s a hardback and a paperback for me in the charts within a month and I couldn’t be more chuffed.

If I say so myself, this book is probably my favourite – even though I feel a bit disloyal to my other creations saying that, but it felt special when I was writing it and it’s the one I think I’d love to see as a film. I might as well wish for a lottery win, but in this game you just never know because strange things happen and you never say never until the fat lady sings (so keeping my mouth shut).

The offer is still there to send out a bookmark and a signed bookplate to people who would like a signed copy but can’t get to a regular signing. There are signed copies in Waterstones Meadowhall and WH Smiths until stocks last – and also the Book Vault in Barnsley. Just see my other news posts for more details. But thank you for buying! x