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“Fabulous plot, kept me on the edge of the seat, turning pages so fast I found myself reading long into the night.”

A Summer Fling (2010)

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When dynamic, power-dressing Christie blows in like a warm wind to take over their department, five very different women find themselves thrown together at work. But none of them could have predicted the fierce bond of friendship that her leadership would inspire…

Anna, 39, is reeling from the loss of her fiance, who ran off with a much younger woman. Her pride in tatters, these days Anna finds it difficult to leave the house. So when a handsome, mysterious stranger takes an interest in her, she’s not sure whether she can learn to trust again?

Then there’s Grace, in her fifties, trapped in a loveless marriage with a man she married because, unable to have children of her own, she fell in love with his motherless brood. Grace worries that Dawn is about to make the same mistake: orphaned as a child, engaged to love-rat Calum, is Dawn more interested in the security that comes with his tight-knit, boisterous family?

When a sexy, footloose rock singer catches her eye, will Dawn have the courage to follow her heart? At 28, Raychel is the youngest member of their little gang. And with a loving husband, Ben, and a cosy little nest for two, she would seem to be the happiest.

But what dark secrets are lurking behind this perfect facade, that make sweet, pretty Raychel so guarded and unwilling to open up? Under Christie’s warm hand, the girls soon realise they have some difficult choices to make. Indeed, none of them quite realised how much they needed the sense of fun, laughter, and loyalty that abounds when five women become friends.

It’s one for all, and all for one!

And watch out for some familiar faces from THE YORKSHIRE PUDDING CLUB in this book!

When I was in my twenties, I worked in a huge wooden furniture and antique shop on the moors with a fifty year old, a sixty year old and a seventy year old and they were the most amazing bunch of women.  We called ourselves ‘The Golden Girls.’   I realised through working with them how much friendship smashes down the barriers of age, background, religion… but I didn’t see any book out there celebrating cross generational friendships.  So I wrote one.  Mary Sutcliffe, Sheila Isherwood and Nancy Scrimshaw were wonderful ladies – I loved them and our friendship, our meals, our ten-pin bowling and our bond forged from working for a nutter of a boss.  The strangest place I’ve ever worked in my life but I wouldn’t have missed it for the world because it brought those three into my life.  What a laugh we had!

The book was originally called ‘The Sun Sisters’.  The sun is a massive theme in the book – all the girls’ names have some connection with the sun. 

Oh and there’s a vampire in this book… as homage to the first book I ever wrote when I was in my early twenties (sadly unpublished) which featured a vampire.  I was before my time!  I could have trailblazed … but timing is everything and I was out of synch with the known universe on this.  

By the way – Vladimir Darq’s corset (alas) does not exist!  I’ve been asked A LOT where you buy them from 🙂

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Praise for A Summer Fling

“By the end of this book, I felt as though I had made five new friends, so involved was I with their lives. I cried with them, laughed with them, and at the final outcome for one of them I punched the air with joy.”
– Sleepyjean

“This is what I love about Milly’s books – she’s not afraid to tackle some serious issues but really well.”
– The Little Bookworm

“A truly phenomenal author.”
– Funny Girl