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“A fantastic read with a delicious twist towards the end.”

Here Come The Girls (2011)

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Shirley Valentine, eat your heart out.

Ven, Roz, Olive and Frankie have been friends since school. They day-dreamed of glorious futures, full of riches, romance and fabulous jobs. The world would be their oyster.

Twenty-five years later, Olive cleans other people’s houses to support her lazy, out-of-work husband and his ailing mother. Roz cannot show her kind, caring husband Manus any love because her philandering ex has left her trust in shreds. And she and Frankie have fallen out big time. But Ven is determined to reunite her friends and realise the dream they had of taking a cruise before they hit forty.

Before they know it, the four of them are far from home, on the high seas.

But can blue skies, hot sun and sixteen days of luxury and indulgence distract from the tension and loneliness that await their return?

I never fancied cruising as a holiday but when I was divorced with two very small children, someone suggested it might be the ideal way for me to get a holiday rather than have to fly with two toddlers.  I tried it and fell in love with it and went every year.  And every time I went, I said to myself that I really should write a book based on a cruise.  No I wasn’t paid by P& O to write it … but I did base it on one of their ships as I’d only been with them.  Plus I wanted everyone to try it because I love it so much.  I wanted people to travel along with the characters.  So many people have told me they never fancied cruising before reading my book but ‘if it is really like that, they’d like to give it a go.’  I could stand by my words and say that yes, it is exactly like that.  And so they have given it a go – and another go!  Heaven for me really is a cruise ship and I did wonder if there were any people who had left this earth who returned as ghosts, unnoticed, moving amongst the passengers.

Doreen was a character I found myself growing fonder and fonder off as the book progressed.  I couldn’t let her go, which is why she keeps turning up in other books.  I wanted her to be happy!  Characters are buggers for getting under your skin!

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Praise for Here Come the Girls

“This is Milly Johnson at her finest. I absolutely loved every single part of this novel, and I didn’t want to put it down – or for it to finish!’”
– Stacey Rebecca

“As a man who has experienced a lot in life, I found this book a great escape and it put a smile on my face. I highly recommend this book.”
– A. Roberton

“Picked it up I couldn’t stop humming that irritating theme tune from the advert on the TV!”

“I was surprised that this book was so good, and I don’t mean that badly. I expected it to be good; I just didn’t expect it to be brilliant. However, brilliant is the perfect word for it.”
– BCB & More