Ladies Who Launch cover

“What a perfect postscript to ‘Here Come the Girls!’ and a brilliant introduction to the Sunflower Café. Linking and bringing together the strands of each book beautifully.”

Ladies Who Launch (2015)

An exclusive ebook short story. Also includes a sneak peek of my new novel Afternoon Tea at the Sunflower Café.

Angie Silverton and Selina Molloy have not always been friends. Best pals at school, they fell out over a man, and it was only when they both missed a ship in Here Come the Boys that they found friendship again.

Now they are reunited again and life since their adventure on the Mermadia has been anything but boring. Did Selina stick with her horrible husband Zander? What happened to Angie and Gill when they stepped off the ship? And what does the future hold for the friends?

Join Selina and Angie as they take afternoon tea at The Sunflower Café to find out.

Unless you’ve read ‘Here Come The Boys’ you won’t get a lot out of this story, but it was written for people who had.  So many people wanted to know what happened to Angie and Selina when they got back to the ship.  To me the original story was enough – I thought it would be obvious what happened, but so many people wanted me to spell it out, so I did. It was no hardship visiting them again!  And always a pleasure to write about Doreen again.  

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