The Wedding Dress cover

“Anyone who has read the Milly Johnson novels will absolutely LOVE this book where you meet up with some favourite characters.”

The Wedding Dress (2012)

A collection of three new short stories, exclusive to ebook, along with a sneak peek at my novel, A WINTER FLAME.

If you have not yet had the pleasure of reading WHITE WEDDING, beware that the title story, THE WEDDING DRESS, is a mini sequel and contains spoilers!

One of the short stories is a stand-alone.

As for the other… well, if you want to find out the back story of the lovely Freya… it’s in here! 🙂

Freya was a minor character who first emerged in Summer Fling.  But she intrigued me and turned up in more books.  Then people wanted to know where she came from.  I had a wonderful time writing her back story.  There was a prisoner of war camp in Barnsley, but for Italian prisoners.  One of them was a fabulous footballer and was released to play for one of the local pit teams.  They were always sneaking out on dates with local girls.  All the facts in there are correct as I have an eighty year old friend who remembers it all first hand.

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