If you’ve been watching me on Facebook Live you’ll be wanting to enter the competition to win a Scone-Making Kit, a Yorkshire Cat Rescue Calendar or a signed book.

You don’t need to answer any question, but you DO NEED to put the secret word somewhere in your email to me (you don’t need to send me your address at this stage – I will contact the winners on Sunday. That gives people who watched it on ‘catch up’ time to enter.

You can enter all three competitions but only one entry per competition will count (ie if you send me 10 entries for the book, you’ve wasted your time, but you can send in 1 for the book, 1 for the calendar and 1 for the scones no PROBLEM).

Send an email to me here – a separate one for each competition.  Somewhere in the body of the email you need to write (so I know which competition you’re entering)…

BOOK + SECRET WORD (this is the code word I will have given you during the Facebook Live)

Good luck to you all!  And as with all my competitions (UK only sorry) if the winners could post a pic on social media tagging me in, it helps to prove to people that I do run fair competitions and deliver the goods.

The Yorkshire Cat Rescue Calendars and Christmas cards etc are available from their online shop 

A Cat-Shaped Space will be available very shortly (in paperback as well as ebook) on Amazon priced at £7.99. All profits go to YCR.

You can find all my appearance dates here! 

You can get my signed bookplates and bookmarks to match your shiny new books here (please specify which book you want. If you don’t, I’ll presume you mean Woman in the Middle)

You can also get the scone kits here on Amazon and what a lovely present they make at only £19.99!  They’ll make three batches of scones (caramel chunks, choc chips and sultanas) and even come with a scone cutter and a couple of tea bags so you can have a proper scoffing session when you’ve made them!