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The Mother of All Christmases has been printed up and will be out on November 15th in audio, ebook and print, in supermarkets, shops and online and I thought I better write a post about it as I’ve been asked a few questions.  Yes it is going straight into paperback as there wasn’t enough time to print a hardback as well.

It’s quite an odd one this one as it’s more of a sequel to other books than I have ever written before.  It can be read as a standalone, but I won’t lie and tell you that it would be better if you read A Winter Flame first because two of the characters in ‘Mother’ first appear in ‘Flame’.

Also Barn on Half Moon Hill is part of this story – it’s only 99p and the more copies I can sell before the end of December the better because it’s written for my friend Claire and she gets extra cash if that happens.

Characters crop up from other books in this one too (again, you don’t need to have read these books but if you have, then it will be like old friends turning up).  Some feature more than others, some are just mentions so you know they are alive and kicking.  But prepare for crossovers from A Summer Fling,   Afternoon Tea at the Sunflower Cafe, The Teashop on the Corner, Sunshine over Wildflower Cottage, White Wedding, Here Come The Girls, The Queen of Wishful Thinking and The Yorkshire Pudding Club. 

There are a lot of Christmas crackers and Christmas puddings in this one.   And early reviews are very nice (see a couple below).  Oh yes and the DAILY TRUMPET IS BACK IN FULL FORCE

Lisa S, Reviewer
I have to say, that as a fan of Milly Johnson, this is her best book yet. It was so emotional,
I cried tears of laughter and joy. Such a heartwarming and heartbreaking book all at the same time.
Brilliantly written, with a strong story and even stronger characters. Some of the characters from
previous books also pop up, but can be read as a stand alone. Loved it from start to finish.
Dawn M, Reviewer
I love Milly’s books but wholeheartedly think this was her best one! Following a group of ladies from
different walks of life as they enter pregnancy and build friendships, romances, marriages alongside
their regular meetings at the xmas pudding club. A group for women all expecting their babies over
the festive period. Mix into that a back story and additional characters who built this story to a
perfect xmas tale! The snippets from the newspaper were the funniest thing ever and I actually burst out laughing many times
on my train commute to work! I aslso spent some time sniffing into a hanky as the emotional element
was heartbreaking yet done with dignity.
Rachel P, Reviewer
I don’t know where to begin with this review. This book stole my heart, broke it and fixed it back together again with gold! It was a wonderful story of people coming together in and being the best they could be for each other. It’s beautifully written and has huge amounts of witty moments followed straight up by some proper belly laughs! There are plenty of “aww” moments and a few blasts from the past. This book was twisty and turny in all the right places and keeps you guessing, and when you think “well that’s so obvious!” you find you’re wrong, and you’ll be delighted to be wrong! This is another one of Milly’s masterpieces and I can’t wait for the world to enjoy it as much as I have!