I do have some cracker and pudding themed gift sets for sale – from November 15th.  Uk only, folks and last orders December 16th.  They are £22 including postage and packing.

They include – a signed book – special message no problem – wrapped with twiddly bits and themed ribbon.
A lovely ‘Have the Mother of all Christmases’ jute bag
A cracker stuffed with goodies
Sprinkles of chocolate and confetti and silk rose petals  …and if I can get it right, they should smell of Christmas pudding when you open them (I hope!)

You can add a Yorkshire Dictionary Tea Towel for £6 (£7 including p/p if you want this by itself)
And/or a gorgeous silver notepad from ICE LONDON for £8.00 (slight reduction in price from the gold ones as from 5th December).  It’s lined and hardback with Merry Christmas from Milly Johnson on the front (happy to put a message in it, if you like)
You can buy the jute bags separately as well for £8 including p/p – but let me know if you need more than one as I can move on the postage.  (You’d only pay one lot of £3 postage on 3 bags, for instance.)

If you just wanted the notepad – I can supply that for £11 including postage and packing (if it’s just by itself)  I will gift wrap it, of course with themed ribbon and a gift tag, and happy to write in a message if you wanted a special note.  A pudding extravaganza!  And put in some scented rose petals which should (hopefully) smell of Christmas pudding.

If you wanted the book by itself – I can send that for £14 wrapped up with twiddly bits, ribbon, Christmas pudding scented silk rose petals and bookmark included.

I do a good parcel if I say so myself.  They’re time consuming to put together, but worth it, I hope!

If you are unsure – just email me here.

Place orders here.  I’ll need to know what package you want.  And your name and address and any special message.

You can either make out a cheque to M Johnson and send to

PO BOX 761
S70 9NY

or use Paypal https://www.paypal.me/millyjohnson.  If you use PayPal it is important to make sure that you send me the name you’ve ordered in if it is different.  I have a load of orders to fulfil and if Mrs P Smith orders using her boyfriend’s paypal account – Dennis Hopper – I can’t tie the orders together.  Please make it easy for me to get your stuff to you.  Big ta!

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