Next Saturday – 13th – I’ll be signing my new books – and my backlist will also be available – at Mike’s Famous Book Stall, at the top of the escalator in Barnsley market.  Do come and grab an early Christmas present, I have scones for buyers and you just might win one of the scones kits below!!!

The two most emotional books I’ve ever written are my last two – The Woman in the Middle, which just came out in hardback, and I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day, which has just come out in paperback. My head was full of my mum writing the former, and full of my dad when writing the latter. For that reason, they couldn’t be closer to my heart.

I have never had a response to any of my books the way I have to these two, and I usually get a lot of letters about a new release –  but nothing on the scale of this. I’m guessing I’ve hit a nerve with #WomanintheMiddle because so many people out there are in the same boat. Official statistics hold that theory up – so many of us are supporting more than one generation, trying to cover a lot of bases, feeling as if we are getting nowhere fast. I think we always feel a little better knowing that we aren’t alone, that it’s a job so many are trying to tackle. And that occasionally you should pat yourself on the back for all the things you manage rather than berate yourself for all the things you don’t. If people take only that message from my book, then my duty is done. Oh and did I tell you, it went straight into the Sunday Times Top Ten after just a few days of sales. Go me.

And there are still some signed copies out there in the wild in Sainsbury supermarkets – but once they’re gone, they’re gone!

As for my Christmas book. Occasionally we write a book and feel the magic. This book poured out of me. All the planets aligned with this one. Even the people who won an auction to have a character named after them, were a perfect fit to this manuscript. Wayne Padgett wanted a character named after his dad. That fitted in perfectly with the ‘dad’ theme of this one because my own dad was pressed into the pages too, and how they shape our lives. Wayne owns a scone factory that makes a million scones every day. There was a businessman in my book that needed a business – so why not give him a scone factory, I thought? Butterly’s Scones was born. If Wayne hadn’t won the auction, this book would have been very different, and I think I’d have had a lesser story. Where this book goes, scones go too. I will be distributing a lot of Haywood and Padgett scones before Christmas! And do check out their scone kits which are ADORABLE (another present idea!)

Writing #ChristmasEverday was like putting together an idiot proof jigsaw puzzle, all the pieces just seemed to drift together effortlessly. Six people; some whose lives are refined and sorted, others still a work in progress, find themselves taking shelter in an old Yorkshire inn on December 23rd and they wait for the snow to subside so they can get on with their planned Christmases. Except the snow gets worse. In four days, these people bond for life – travel with them on their journey. This is the most Christmassy story you’ll ever read. The only thing missing is a reindeer scoffing a Stollen (no marzipan in my books!).

And if you have preordered this paperback from a shop or Amazon, upload the proof of purchase BEFORE LAUNCH DAY ON NOVEMBER 11th and you just might win a hamper from BETTY’S !!! Details here.

Check out my appearance page for where I am signing these two books because a signed book always makes a great present. And if you miss me, or live too far away, the Book Vault will always post a signed/personalised book out to you. I only live up the road so pop down often to fulfil reader requests – and you’ll be supporting a lovely independent bookshop as well (you’ll find them across all social media sites at @thebookvault07 – just send them a message or ring 01226 281945).