Moving Pictures!

Here’s a selection of videos that I’ve produced over the years. More will appear here when I get round to it!

Perfectly Imperfect Trailer

“There is absolutely nothing wrong at all with being perfectly imperfect.”

Raspberry Cheesecake Recipe

My utterly flawsome recipe for a Perfectly Imperfect Raspberry Cheesecake.

The Story of a Perfectly Imperfect Woman

“It’s about a woman who is perfectly imperfect.” (But I do expand on that..!)

My Agatha Christie Moment

Perfectly Imperfect Woman is “very multilayered… it’s released my Agatha Christie, I think.”

The Perfectly Imperfect Woman – Chapter One

Here I am narrating chapter 1!

Strawberry Shortcake Recipe

Another utterly flawsome example of culinary excellence. Enjoy.

Why Perfectly Imperfect?

“I’ll tell you where the title came from…”

Perfectly in Paperback from July 12th!

The paperback edition of the Perfectly Imperfect Woman is available from July 12th. You can pre-order here from Amazon.

Milly’s Summer Cocktail

Perfectly Imperfect. Or simply Perfect.

The Importance of Cheesecake

“The reason I chose cheesecakes is…”