The auction raised £600 for Eddie – the funds have been transferred to his owner’s account and his treatment has commenced.  THE LINK IS STILL LIVE ABOVE HIS PHOTO IF YOU WISH TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE FUND.

Sometimes there comes along a story that you cannot ignore.  Eddie is a dog that has been rescued from Romania.  His story would break the hardest heart.  He has come through a lot but is still here and living with a lovely family now who have spent a fortune on trying to give him the sort of life he should have had from day one.  A supervet will tend his injuries but over £6000 is needed to pay him.  And crowd-funding is the only way forward I’m afraid.

So… I thought that if I auctioned off the chance to be a character in my 15th book, out next year, it might help raise a bit for him. The auction will end next Friday 1st September.  The winning bidder will, I hope, get the best service an author can offer!  And it is a WORLDWIDE offer!

Eddie’s story is just about readable (I find reading this sort of thing very difficult, but it’s doable) and is included on the eBay listing – so feel free to bid for the character naming here.

In the past people have named characters after their children, a past loved on, a friend or wife as a present – even their cat.

Or please feel free to put a couple of quid into his fund here – every little really will help.  We have all spent a fiver on dafter things. Thank you! xxx