THE WINNER IS ZSOLT NAGY – one of my biggest readers so I was very delighted to pull his name out of the hat! 

This is my find of the year – a gorgeous Sharpie cover that turns a bog standard marker pen into a thing of beauty and even the top fitting has the most satisfying and secure CLICK. It’s a chunk of gloriousness to hold (and no – I’m not on commission!) I saw them and I couldn’t believe I’d never heard of them before so I’m spreading the word. They come from the US – and each pen casing comes in a pouch with a Sharpie AND a rollerball refill and there are LOADS of designs.  The firm is SHERPA.  They’re in the USA but to offset any extra costs that ordering from abroad might entail, the owner of the firm is giving us a discount code of a whopping 20% if you use the code MILLYPEN.

Now the red one has been specially constructed for me. And should you feel as if you would rather like to own the only other one like it around, then I have a competition for you to win it. I would ask though that if you do win it, as this pen has been donated by Sherpa, that you could go onto social media and give it a shout out. That way it shows people that I hold fair competitions.

If you did want to buy one as a Christmas present, please do it sooner rather than later so you’ll get it.  The offer is a limited time one and will end on December 31st. The full range is only available from the US but mine came within a few days and I can’t tell you how absolutely chuffed to pieces I am with it.

All you have to do is look on the Sherpa website and tell me which pen colour/design would suit you best and why.

I’ll put my favourite answers in a hat on Monday 6th December and announce the winner on my website. Don’t send me your address at this stage.

Send your answer here and put SHERPA in the subject line. Simple as that. Good luck!